The world has evolved so much but still some cultural things cannot be left behind. Just like that we

have the indispensible role of juttis in our Punjabi tradition. Even though the purity like before is no

longer in reality but still Punjabis are trying to take this almost 400 years old trend to their future

generations. The real gold and silver threads that were used in the embroidery were not less than a

treasure. It is believed to be auspicious to wear jalsa on the occasions of happiness and celebrations.

Even the famous Punjabi song praise our cultural footwear very well, it says


’ Jutti kasoori pairi na poori

haye rabba ve saanu turna peya! 


So, all in all this jalsa, khussa and tilla jutti shows our rich culture and

makes us stand out of the other cultures with pride!

© 2019 by PUNIT ARORA. Crafted by DIGI BY NATURE



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